About Jacomine

Thank you for visiting my new Jacominis website! You’ll find the miniatures I design here, as well as the workshops I organise (sometimes also abroad!), workshops to do at home, and my books. I have added lots of pictures, that will hopefully inspire you for your own 1:12 scenes. You can give my miniatures your personal touch, and you can combine them in endless ways. 

New: your wishlist! Collect your favourite items and add them to your wishlist! Your wishlist can be sent to the miniatures dealer!  

My miniatures are sold via selected Miniatures dealers, hence I don’t have a webshop myself, and you can’t order them via my website. However, you can make your wishlist whilst you are browsing on my website. You can save an item on your wishlist by clicking on the blue button “Add to wishlist”. In case you want to buy those items, the wishlist makes it easy. Go to “My wishlist” at the top of your screen, fill out your contact details, and with one click, you send the wishlist to the Jacominis dealer of your choice. They will handle your wishlist,  and contact you about availability, costs, postage, delivery time, etc. The settlement of your wishlist is the responsibility of the dealer you selected. 

My books can be ordered directly. Now, easy online payment!         

As before, you can order my books directly via this website. Now, you can settle your payment directly, without the fuss of separate payments. Easier for you, easier for us!

I wish you great fun and lots of inspiration on my website! I’d love to know what you think of my new website. If you like, you may e mail me your opinion and suggestions: jacomine@jacominis.com 

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Best wishes,