About Jacomine

Since 2001 I have been active in the world of doll houses and miniatures. I have had my own shop for 10 years and have created many houses, viewing rooms and miniatures. I sold my shop at the end of 2012 to fully focus on designing miniatures, under my brand ‘Jacominis’. In addition, I occasionally write articles for various magazines. And I have written three books about this beautiful hobby.

On this website you find my miniatures. And the workshops I organize and my books. I have put a lot of pictures with inspiration at the miniatures, hopefully you will get inspired.

New: you can order via my website! Collect your favourite items and add them to your cart, enter your personal details and send it. 

My books can be ordered and paid for directly.          

I wish you great fun and lots of inspiration on my website! If you like, you may e mail me your opinion and suggestions: jacomine@jacominis.com 

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